Online Classes & Seminars

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Online Classes

You would like to start a business as a Freelancer, Founder of a Start-up, or an Entrepreneur in Germany, but you are lost even before you started?

In our online courses, you learn how to create your business model, how to calculate your hourly rate or your product price, you get to know all the rules you need to follow as an entrepreneur, and we explain to you the steps of bureaucracy in founding.

With our online classes, you can work on your business anytime from anywhere – get the benefit of flexibility!

Register now and get yourself a successful start!

Online Seminars

Our online seminars deal with current topics or topics directly related to self-employment. As a result, you always get important and new insights and can build and expand your business holistically.

Depending on the topic, we also organize the online seminars in cooperation with experts from other areas to provide you with optimal information.

The respective dates and further information can be found in our Meetup Group. Of course, we are also happy to answer any questions.

You find interesting videos about how to found a company in Germany in our  YouTube channel.




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