Liquidity plan

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Each entrepreneur needs a liquidity plan to get an overview

It´s advisable for each self-employed person to record his or her inputs and expenses accurately and to plan them at different intervals. As an entrepreneur, you should always be able to see at a glance whether further investments can be made or whether savings need to be made to avoid bottleneck payments. With a liquidity plan, you can also see if your company is growing in real terms because more revenue does not automatically mean more profit.

for investments

In addition to the business plan, a loan with the bank or capital of an investor also requires a liquidity plan. This shows which sales are planned specifically in which periods and how the funds are to be used. All costs such as personnel, office rent, leasing costs, one-off purchases, but of course also the planned sales due to targeted orders are reported. This makes it possible to see how the investment is used, but also how the debt can be paid off.

or to handle unexpected situations!

Especially if the situation has been misjudged or surprised by the unexpected you can use a liquidity plan. In this case, a detailed overview of all relevant figures is very important. A liquidity plan guides you a way out from a difficult situation. Nearly any problem is insoluble as long as you have an overview of all the relevant facts and take the right measures to get back on track for success. So just start to get an overview of all your figures!