All about Money - Calculation, Accounting & Taxes

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Are you willing to start your business (or you already started) but you are overwhelmed with all the information about finance & taxes? Then this workshop is just right for you! Get yourself a successful start!

In this workshop you will get answers to the following questions:

⇒ How do I calculate my hourly rate/my product price?

⇒ How does accounting work? What are the rules?

⇒ What taxes exist in Germany and which do I have to pay?

⇒  How do I create my tax return and calculate the tax burden?

⇒  What are the deadlines/obligations for accounting and taxes?

⇒  How do I read/interpret a BWA? And btw … what is this?

With the workshop, you will get all the knowledge you need to feel comfortable in the topic of Finance and Taxes

You can find the calculation part of the workshop also as online course!