All about Money - Calculation, Accounting & Taxes

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Are you willing to start your business (or you already started) but you are overwhelmed with all the information about finance & taxes? Then this workshop is just right for you! Get yourself a successful start!

In this workshop you will get answers to the following questions:

⇒ How do I calculate my hourly rate/my product price?

⇒ How does accounting work? What are the rules?

⇒ What taxes exist in Germany and which do I have to pay?

⇒  How do I create my tax return and calculate the tax burden?

⇒  What are the deadlines/obligations for accounting and taxes?

⇒  How do I read/interpret a BWA? And btw … what is this?

With the workshop, you will get all the knowledge you need to feel comfortable in the topic of Finance and Taxes